Who was he?

On a cold night, the kind where even the sheep shiver, he sat outside his house on a stool and watched the stars drip from the sky. The stool had chips of different wood hiding deep inside it. His grandfathers came from the stars thousands of years ago and through the generations, from grandfather Kasiokor to grandfather Ghijneg, chips of wood accumulated on the original ball of wood which was no more than the size of a curled palm. The various pressures of his grandfathers’ buttocks shaped the ball of wood: grandfather Jurgert, born the generation after grandfather Kasiokor, flattened it, and sometimes there was an eccentric grandfather like grandfather Wilkmenjogger who accidentally bit his wooden smoking pipe too hard six thousand three hundred and four years ago and then picked up the bit chips from the earth and glued them underneath the flattened wood using saliva from the sheep, and like this many of his other grandfathers fashioned and added to the original wood and on this cold night he sat on that stool and watched the stars drip like liquid.


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  1. Kevin Orato · February 25, 2012


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