A bad poem

Check out the below. It’s the only poem I have ever written. Got rejected a couple of years ago in a major publication (though my short story got in). Not hard to see why. It’s a car crash. Enjoy the viewing.


Zebra is bleeding from stomach stripes,

Delta fissures of red athwart black white,

Donkey brother your open eye-pain wipes,

Away the dreams of endless grassy sight;

We let the sharp knife of skyscraper stab,

The blue, our cauliflower cumulus,

Times-towered giants bestride Nairobi,

Orgasmic construction cunnilingus,

We let real estate kill beachy sand crab,

We let national park free fall to land grab,

Over zebra we let brick-blocks Frisbee.


Dear donkey cousin with tsetse submerged,

In deep tickle of your day and night hair,

Here in kidnapped landscape posed,

In last kick, hind muscle angled unfair;

Where is savannah grasping acacia,

That lived when Ngong undulated to your,

Browsing and peaceful and ungulate toe?

Who now feeds on your gastromalacia?

The scavenge of hyena is unsure,

He hides houseflied in gutter so secure,

It’s taxidermy of eternal woe.


Hear herds of carburettor gazelles,

Zebra hear! Breathe in deep the airwaves,

Digital and radioactive pell-mells,

Invisible cellulars, the Zain craves;

There is umbra of concrete sequoia,

Cast over you Zebra, histrionics,

Of human ants, matatu, mad preacher,

Shoulder-brushes, head-butts, claustrophobia,

Forgive us Zebra for going higher,

Wider, further; forgive us, we murder,

You twitched! Last brays! Oh! Pained mnemonics.




  1. Alexander Eichener · March 5, 2012

    I told you at the time. And it still every bit as true today. That is not a poem.
    It’s a travesty on steroids. Quite funny, although overblown even for a parody.

  2. aideedystopia · March 5, 2012

    I will think twice before attempting any poetry stunts in the future.

  3. soul_fool · March 17, 2012

    Orgasmic construction cunnilingus. That is all.

    To be fair, neither can I read the things I wrote two years ago. Terrible.

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