Day one of the 2012 Caine Prize Workshop

The flight to Capetown was uneventful. All I can say is the Oliver Tambo Airport at Joburg (from where Brenda and I took our connecting flight) is well laid out and very big. The one hour drive from Capetown to Volmoed, Hermanus was scenic.

At Volmoed, all the participants came together. Only ones missing were Waigwa (who checks in tommorow) and the two Nigerians (who check in on Wednesday).

The cottages we have been allocated are huge. Each cottage has only 3 people to it. This means there is no crowding inside and there is peace to do work. Speaking of peace, the Volmeod location is tranquil. It’s surrounded by waterfalls, rocky mountains, ponds and sprawling fields. The Caine Prize Workshop contingent has all this to itself for the next 10 days.

There was a four course dinner. The food was home cooked and appetising.

Over dinner, the Caine Prize boss, Nick Elam, explained the mechanics of the workshop. It became clear this trip is not a party despite the luxuries being thrown at us. The facilitators Jamal (novelist) and Henrietta Rose-Innes (novelist, 2008 Caine Prize winner, etc) are no-nonsense characters.This blog post is rather shit coz I am too sleepy to show you day one ndombolos in proper gorilla fashion. There is jetlag everywhere. And my next update will come after two or three days since I have to get down to business as soon as I wake up. A photo slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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