THE BANANA FEELS – (some complete nonsense resulting from boredom)

Having no book to read in the traffic jam today, I took out my laptop and wrote a whole bunch of random nonsense. No thinking, nothing, just random nonsense stuff. Since this blog is where I sometimes post some of my trash, below is the 2nd poem I have ever writen. The 2nd very bad poem. Please note, I don’t know how to write poetry, so it’s trash.


A dosage of sparks,

Lying between them, the grass tufts,

The two spots of their nerves.


From far that strip is the only colour in the sandwich,

Grey above, grey the sea,

Mingling of skins on the grass now,

Shock pressings of their gravities, weights,

Frangipani, the air, the moving breeze,

Her full breasts, colostrum oozings,

The gentle waves arriving in bundles, lapping the grassy shores, behind them the entire freedom of generous waters.


Silent is everything but the noisy insects,

Silence is everything but the vespering breezes, winds, and their air.


Behaving grey clouds,



The interruptions in the grass, him there her here,

There and here,

There here,

Th h ere.


Empty banana peels,

His empty,



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