World War III?

“…part of a long thing I’m in the middle of has a section that I’ve gone back and seen owes a rather uncomfortable debt to certain exchanges between Gary Harkness and Major Staley.” – DFW, in regards to the penultimate chapter in Endzone that is an ‘ancestor’ to the Eschaton section of Infinite Jest


(1) Nuclear powered PUTIN submarines enter the Gulf of Aden after a Russian Su-24 stealth fighter is brought down by an F-16 jet in Northern Latakia, four kilometres away from the Turkish border.

(2) ISIL hijacks seven EUROZONE passenger jet airliners in the skies over the Iberian Peninsula. Schipol is placed under state of emergency.

(3) Italian CoastGuard sinks thirteen immigrant boats off the coast of Libya. The Mediterranean, from Suez to Gibraltar, is quarantined. Riots break out between Syrians and the Standing Rock Indians at the refugee camps in North Dakota.

(4) PUTIN bombers assume maximum attack posture. Obama leaves the White House situation room and boards Air Force One.

(5) Vatican holds a mass vigil for Pope Francis the 266th, after he is critically injured in an assassination attempt in Nairobi. Ayatollah Khamenie breaks fast in Tehran.

(6) Borders around Kinshasa are closed after Chinese doctors confirm the airborne capabilities of an HIV mutation. France tests a 15 megaton H-bomb in the Cote D’Ivoire jungles.

(7) NATO calls emergency meeting in Brussels. Parisians are evacuated to Algiers. Marseille is believed wiped out.

(8) Chinese yuan devalues after the AU embargoes sale of Congolese uranium to Hong Kong financiers. The International Criminal Court at the Hague is fire-bombed by unknown arsonists.

(9) PUTIN begins Fractional Orbital Bombardment of East & Southern African countries allied to NATO & AMERIC. Lilongwe, Matola, Kajiado, Gaberone, Mwanza, Namanga Mori and Hermanus are hit by R-46 missles totalling 150 megatons. The Cape Province is rendered uninhabitable by fallout.

(10) Lagos government severes ISIL links to the ‘mother continent’ after carpet bombing almost the entire cross-section of Boko Haram controlled Nothern Nigeria. Considerable collateral damage reported by BBC. Obama and Hollande rendezvous at the International Space Station after enduring low-earth-orbit launch from Air Force One and Le Escadron respectively.

(11)  PUTIN offers Egypt amnesty for airliner bombing in return for control of Nile. ISIL establishes caliphate Stretching from Baghdad to Tel-Aviv to Budapest to Boulevard Barbes and the rest of the 18th Paris District. Ceasefire between PUTIN, NATO & AMERIC & ISIL agreed to.

(12) Kinshasa government pays reparations for outbreak of airborne HIV in EUROZONE. France tests 30 megaton underwater H-Bomb off the coast of Gabon.



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